Finding yourself and being happy are not so difficult, moreover there are so many opportunities. But every time you have to overcome your laziness that could prevent you from achieving your life goals. Some artists often refer to lack of inspiration or failure, but actually it can be just a result of the lack of self-belief and enough love for their work.

Artist Statement

We are shaped by our surroundings, and we create a language in response to our environment. Art is for me “the space and form” through which I think. Charged by the spirit of nature, I breath life in my artworks. My observations of the coexistence and interaction between nature and humanity provide inspiration for my work.

The basis of my paintings are leaves that has been turned into my signature and became the main repeating element of my art. It’s a symbol of life and happiness. Through leaves of different shapes and colors I’m able to express all feelings and emotions within my paintings.

For me they have become more than just patterns, they’ve become a crucial tool, as plasticine from which I can sculpt any form, design and mood.

I never focus on any preferred art style, as I don’t want to frame myself with it. I want to be more loyal to my own feeling. Artistic language speaks louder than words, it grabs and holds a viewer’s attention. Ambiguity makes a painting very exciting. Art is always communicating, and we need to be conscious of the message.