Kostya AugustBorn in august 1986 in Moscow, Kostya August is a contemporary artist, currently living and working in Moscow. August is both his pseudonym and his birth month.

He started his painting when he was just 11. His love to art began from the street art, when Kostya became fascinated with the role of graffiti in modern culture. His early work mainly consisted of socially-oriented street art pieces, which later became an important point of developing his own unique style.

He also has created his visual logo to use as a signature that symbolizes his favorite season – autumn, he chose “a yellow leaf”.  It became the main repeating symbol of his art. These leaves were spotted in many cities around the world – there are few thousands of them.

But since 2013 he’s moved on from graffiti to painting and became a full-time working artist. After dabbling in the street art, Kostya August began showing his works in galleries.

By expanding his work to various genres and styles, Kostya tried himself in many mediums – installation, oil painting and acrylic on canvas, aerosol paints and mixed media.

He uses shapes of leaves inside his art compositions, playing with them in different ways. He blends, combines, cuts, sculpts leaves. And it’s one of the main features of his artworks.

A leaf is not just a pattern, it becomes his unique signature, that clearly identifies him as an artist. This is the prism through which he looks at the world.

Kostya August never stops experimenting with tools and techniques.

In his recent work Kostya August aims to create a strong sensation of vivid colour and emphasized structure. His artworks are a perfect combination of dynamism and volume, freshness and glare, completeness and versatility, brightness and saturation of colors.  He uses his artworks to inspire through “leaf” patterns and shapes and to symbolize happiness and life diversity.

What is remarkable about Kostya August is that although he has appeared at the international art scene quite recently he managed to become a desirable artist for international brands 
to collaborate with. Commercial success has driven the signature “Leaf” into the realm of apparel, accessories and furniture.

Kostya’s artworks are included in the public and private collections, museums around the world.

His paintings has been exhibited in various galleries and online contests. He is a prize winner of several international competitions.


2017 – The Visionary Art Show, Lecce, Italy

2016 – The International Art Festival “Show Your Flow”

2016 – the Art Fair “TRIBE 2016”, London, UK

2015 – the Art Festival ‘ART.WHO.ART’, The 4th Exhibition of artists and photographers, Moscow, Russia

2014 – The solo exhibition, Bangkok, Thailand

2014 – The International Art Festival “Just Writing My Name”

2014 – The solo exhibition, Moscow, Russia

2013 – The solo exhibition, Amsterdam, Netherlands

2013 – The International Art Festival “Just Writing My Name”

2013 – Exhibition of the Moscow Union of Artists, ‘Poetry & Painting’, Moscow

2009 – The International Art Festival “Just Writing My Name”

2004 – The Art Festival “Write 4 Gold»


2017 – “The Best Visionary Artist”, was awarded at The Visionary Art Show in Lecce, Italy


2016 – The Art Festival “Faces & Laces”, Moscow

2015 – the Art Festival “Faces & Laces”, Moscow


2016 – the on-line Art Competition “Blue 2016 Show”, was featured in the on-line exhibition as one of the best contemporary artist


Private Collection, Moscow, Russia

Private Collection, London, UK

Private Collection, Macau, China

Private Collection, San Francisco, California

Private Collection, Monte Carlo, Monaco

Private Collection, New York, USA